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We are a family business. We have been operating now for 20 years.  Our career began at the Meat Market Craft Centre in North Melbourne Victoria. We printed in a small studio where we played out our fantasies with color, form and design on textiles. The increased demand for our products necessitated a shift to the next gear – high volume commercial.

We now operate a highly professional and skilled business with a dedicated team of trained staff. We haven't lost our innocence or our sense of fun and creativity, but we are efficient and professional in our outlook and always strive for excellence.

We have chosen to go with a niche market –

  1. Personalized exclusive short print runs on – aprons, tea towels, hessian bags, tee shirts, stubby holders, wine coolers and caps.
  2. Ethnic aprons which we call “aprons of the world”.  This is a category on the move, at last count representing 28 countries and growing (see our website).
  3. Ironing board covers – humorous or pretty (see our website).
  4. Babywear “Munchkidz”. Here again we have general and ethnic themes. The product is packaged in a hang cell, staying clean and easy gift item.
  5. Novelty tea towels. Themes such as coffee, wine etc.
  6. Aprons for the hospitality industry, half aprons, full aprons. We can make to size in house to meet specific needs.

Please feel free to ask for references of customers who have been dealing with us for many years.

Best Regards,

Yael and Sheffi